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Cohabitation & Dissolution Agreements

Why Create a Cohabitation & Dissolution Agreement?

Many partners find alternative routes to marriage more suitable for their situation, such as cohabitation. However, every relationship is still prone to the same troubles and disagreements that married couples face. The only difference is that the laws governing legally recognized marriages do not apply to other couples living together. This can lead to complex and overwhelming issues involving the division of assets, child custody, and child support following the end of a relationship. To minimize disputes in the future, consider creating a cohabitation or dissolution agreement.

Advantages of a cohabitation agreement include:

  • Clarification of financial commitments
  • Clarification of shared and individual responsibilities
  • Clarification of property and assets following the end of the relationship

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Having to deal with the issues of property division, child support and child custody can be incredibly difficult, especially during the end of a relationship. One way to avoid these issues is to outline a cohabitation agreement. This legal document outlines mutually agreeable terms that take into effect once the relationship ends. This can take the stress of the unknown out of a break-up and can quickly clarify any points of contention. If a couple doesn't have a cohabitation agreement at the end of their relationship, a dissolution agreement may be formed that can serve the same function as a cohabitation agreement.

Comprehensive Planning with Family Law attorneys

Our Decatur family law attorneys at Gibbs Tillery have extensive experience drafting comprehensive cohabitation and dissolution agreements that address all the necessary information and potential issues down the road. We provide informed legal counsel that is diplomatic and sensitive to your needs. Navigate the complexities of your cohabitation or dissolution agreement planning with our help.

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