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Uncontested Divorce in GA

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Unlike a contested divorce, uncontested divorces occur when couples are able to reach an amicable agreement regarding many of the major issues in a divorce. At Gibbs Tillery, our uncontested divorce attorney understands how difficult divorce is and the effects it can have on your family. We are sensitive to this tumultuous time in your life, and we are ready to advocate on your behalf throughout the entire process.

Why Choose Our Uncontested Divorce Attorney?

  • Individualized approach to each family law case
  • Years of legal experience
  • Strong recommendations from past clients
  • Budget-friendly solutions and a free phone review

Let our compassionate team guide you through the process. We get to know our clients on a personal level so we can better serve their needs and goals. In fact, you have the opportunity to work directly with our attorney. Your future and your well-being matter to us, and we do our best to make the process as free of stress and anxiety as possible.

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Do I Need a Lawyer for Uncontested Divorce?

It is not required that you have an attorney, but it is recommended that you have one to protect your best interests.

Here are some examples of why having a lawyer is a good idea:

  • When it comes to marital property, Georgia law requires that all assets and debts be divided equitably. This does not necessarily mean that the split will be equal - it simply means that the distribution will be "fair" to both parties. An attorney can advocate for you and make sure that the distribution is in your favor.
  • If minor children are involved, parents will be required to create a parenting plan that outlines legal and physical custody, and child support agreements. We can look over your plans and agreements to ensure that your rights and well-being are not compromised.

If one or more of these issues cannot be resolved favorably either through mediation or alternative dispute resolution, we are not afraid to litigate on your behalf to protect your interests. We have extensive experience preparing and trying a variety of cases in court.

How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take?

No two divorces are the same, even when uncontested. Therefore, it's impossible to give an exact answer regarding how long an uncontested divorce takes. However, we can confidently say that uncontested divorces are generally much faster than litigated divorces.

You and your spouse are in control when your divorce is uncontested. You also do not have to wait on busy court schedules since you do not have to appear before a judge until you are ready to have your divorce finalized. Therefore, uncontested divorces are generally the quickest divorce option in Georgia.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost?

Again, it is not possible to know exactly how much an uncontested divorce cost, because each case is unique. You will need to pay the filing fee at the court in the county where you are getting divorced, plus any additional fees. In general, it costs less than $500 to file for divorce in Georgia, but it is also highly recommended that you hire an attorney to help you so that no errors are made.

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